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Matrimonial Support Failures: Reasons, Profiles and Perceptions of Individuals Involved: Volume 1 Summary Report, Volume 2 Technical Reports, Research Paper 13

This report was created in order to aid the reform of the matrimonial and child support system in Alberta. Before its publication, there was little data regarding the reasons for failure in the (then) extant system. The report analyzes data from the Supreme Court (now Court of Queen’s Bench) in Edmonton and Calgary, the Family Courts in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Grande Prairie, door-to-door surveys of those involved with maintenance orders, and a study of […]

AREA OF LAW Family Law Marriage & Divorce
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March 3, 1981

Administration of Family Law: The Unified Family Court: Constitutional Opinions, Research Paper 11

This paper comprises opinions by Professor W.R. Lederman, Q.C., and Professor P.N. McDonald, on the constitutional validity (at the time of publication) of a unified family court in Alberta, including both federally appointed and provincially appointed judges (i.e. judges appointed by the Governor General in Council and the Lieutenant Governor in Council). Professor McDonald’s opinion is actually comprised of a number of smaller opinions written in 1976 and 1977, which include responses to some other […]

AREA OF LAW Children Family Law Marriage & Divorce
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May 4, 1978

Joinder of Divorce Proceedings with other Causes of Action, Final Report 7

This report addresses the joinder of divorce proceedings with other causes of action between husband and wife. Section 2(g) of the Divorce Act, 1968, provides that “‘petition’ for divorce means a petition or motion for a decree of divorce, either with or without corollary relief by way of an order under section 10 or 11”. It can be argued that this definition effectively precludes any collateral issues being introduced in the petition for divorce and […]

AREA OF LAW Family Law Marriage & Divorce
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Alberta Rules of Court, Rule 563(3), Alta. Reg. 315/71.

August 2, 1971