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Order of Application of Assets in Satisfaction of Debts and Liabilities, Report for Discussion 19

This report considers the payment of a person’s debts out of their estate after their death (at the time of publication). Over hundreds of years, a common law “order of application” had developed, that determined the order in which certain kinds of assets could be applied to pay off a debt, so that, for example, assets that were not given over as a gift to someone would be applied to pay off debts before those […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession Constitutional and Public Law
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September 2, 2001

Reform of the Intestate Succession Act, Final Report 78

The current scheme for intestate succession is patterned after legislation created in 1670. The report aims to reform the Intestate Succession Act in a manner more in line with the modern presumed intention of intestates, which has been gleaned through an examination of various studies. This report recommends that if an intestate died leaving a surviving spouse and issue, and all of the issue were of the surviving spouse, the entire estate should go to the surviving […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession Family Law Marriage & Divorce
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June 29, 1999

Reform of the Intestate Succession Act, Report for Discussion 16

A person who dies without a valid will is known as “intestate.” The distribution of such a person’s assets was (at the time of this report’s publication) determined by the Intestate Succession Act, RSA 1980, c I-9. This Act was based on a system of property distribution developed in 1670 (the Statute of Distribution). This report asserts that this scheme of distribution was out of date, and that the will of those who died intestate could be […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession
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January 2, 1996

Proposals for a New Alberta Incorporated Associations Act, Final Report 49

This report makes recommendations for the enactment of a new Incorporated Associations Act, which would repeal both the Companies Act and the Societies Act and apply only to true non-profit associations. The Act would not replace some specialized statutes such as the Cemetery Companies Act, the Co-operative Associations Act, and the Agricultural Societies Act and would not apply to non-profit corporations incorporated by the Legislature under special individual Acts. Many parts of the draft Act […]

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Bill 54 (Volunteer Incorporations Act) introduced into Alberta Legislature, June 15, 1987.

March 1, 1987

Remedies of Unsecured Creditors

This report is long and it examines the remedies available under the Alberta law to unsecured creditors for collection of their debts and makes tentative proposals for the reform of those remedies. It provides a description of the present system and criticism of it, and outlines the need for technical reform. The report examines the body of research on the kinds of debtors who are likely to get into legal trouble, as well as the […]

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May 2, 1986