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Beneficiary Designation by Substitute Decision Makers, Final Report 104

The Alberta Law Reform Institute has released recommendations to ensure testamentary wishes are respected upon death. It has become common to use beneficiary designations as a simple way to pass on assets. Beneficiary designations are made with: Pension plans Insurance policies Retirement savings plans Retirement income funds Locked in retirement accounts Tax free savings accounts However, more of the population is aging and losing the capacity to decide who will receive the proceeds of these […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession
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July 1, 2014

Sterilization Decisions: Minors and Mentally Incompetent Adults, Report for Discussion 6

This consultative document sets out the evolution of the present law, its apparent parameters, the social and medical background to sterilization decisions and tentatively recommends a new statutory regime that would better reflect the present day and foreseeable needs of Canadian citizens. This report recommends that the decision regarding sterilization be made by a judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench. Before making the order for sterilization the judge would be required to satisfy himself […]

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March 2, 1988