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Towards a New Alberta Land Titles Act, Report for Discussion 8

Section 42 of the Alberta Business Corporations Act (as it was at the time of the writing of this report) made it illegal for a corporation to provide financial assistance to: – a shareholder or director of that corporation or an affiliated corporation; – an associate of any or the above; or – a purchaser of shares of that corporation or an affiliated corporation if that corporation was not “solvent” as defined by the ABCA. The […]

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August 2, 1990

The Bulk Sales Act, Final Report 56

The Bulk Sales Act, RSA 1980, c B-13, was created to protect the creditors of retailers who sell their stock and disappear before paying off their debts. The Act (as it was at the writing of this report) required that anyone buying an unusually large amount of a retailer’s stock and trade fixtures must first obtain a list of the retailer’s debts, and must pay the retailer’s creditors directly (or obtain their consent), before the […]

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Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 1992, SA 1992, c 21, s 5 (repealed the Bulk Sales Act).

January 1, 1990

Guarantees Acknowledgment Act, RSA 1970, c 173, Final Report 5

In early 1970 the ALRI was asked by the Attorney General of Alberta to study the Guarantees Acknowledgment Act, 1969, and to argue for its removal or preservation. The ALRI then examined various facets of the law related to this statute, sought and received the opinions of several practitioners, and subsequently provided several recommendations. The Guarantees Acknowledgment Act, 1969, should be retained, subject to certain amendments. First, guarantees given on the sale of any interest […]

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Principal recommendation for retention of Guarantees Acknowledgment Act (now RSA 2000, c G-11) accepted. Recommendations for incidental amendments not acted upon.

October 1, 1970