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Occupiers’ Liability: Recreational Use of Land, Final Report 81

The Minister of Justice requested this report regarding the liability of occupiers of land to recreational users permitted on their premises without payment of a fee. This is not a typical ALRI report, as a recommendation as to whether this aspect of occupiers’ liability law should be reformed is not given due to a lack of adequate information about the potential problem to be solved and resources to compile that information. The report suggests matters […]

AREA OF LAW Property Real Property
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February 29, 2000

Protection of Children’s Interests in Custody Disputes, Final Report 43

The amicus curiae procedure, describes a lawyer who is appointed to ensure that the Judge receives all necessary information so that he may decide who should have custody of a child or children involved in a custody dispute. The amicus curiae arranges for expert professionals to investigate the circumstances of the child and child’s family and to form opinions as to where the child’s best interests lie. A majority of cases utilizing an amicus curiae […]

AREA OF LAW Children Family Law
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October 1, 1984

Family Law Administration: the Unified Family Court, Final Report 25

This report was created to make specific recommendations towards the creation of a family law section of the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Alberta. This report does not contain draft legislation for a unified family court and deals only with the structure of the court itself. Court services are addressed in Report No. 26, Family Law Administration: Court Services. The report canvasses developments in other provinces, and discusses why there is a need […]

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April 1, 1978

Entry of Landlord; Locks and Security Devices, Research Paper 2

This three-part paper, deals with the different rules that govern who may or may not enter leased property. Each section surveys the statutory provisions (regulating the issue in question) of various jurisdictions throughout Canada at the time of publication, and lists issues relating to the question covered in the section. The first section of the paper addresses the right of the tenant to exclude entry by the landlord and his or her agents. The second […]

AREA OF LAW Landlord and Tenant Property
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November 4, 1975