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Residential Tenancies, Final Report 22

This extensive report is the product of research the Institute undertook regarding the law relating to tenancies of residential premises, which is the part of the law of landlord and tenant. It includes a proposed Act that balances the interests of landlords and tenants with the hope that it will provide a satisfactory legal framework for their activities. A plan for a security of tenure is discussed and included to assist in making an informed […]

AREA OF LAW Landlord and Tenant Property
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Landlord and Tenant Act, 1979, S.A. 1979, c. 17 (now Residential Tenancies Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. R-17), based in large part on our recommendations.

February 1, 1977

Obligation to Repair; Security Deposits, Research Paper 3

This paper addresses the three somewhat disparate issues listed in the title. The first section of the paper surveys the common law rules (throughout Canada) and statutory rules of several jurisdictions within Canada (at the time of publication) regulating the duties of a landlord and tenant to maintain and repair certain parts of leased property (and associated properties, such as elevators, hallways, parking stalls, etc.). Issues that must be addressed when considering these rules are […]

AREA OF LAW Landlord and Tenant Property
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November 4, 1975

Residential Tenancies Project: Mobile Homes, Research Paper 8

This paper addresses the potential problems (as of the time of publication) of individuals who own a mobile home located on rented land. This situation is unique in that it has some similarities to home ownership, and some similarities to renting. The paper considers the issues related to this type of ownership, and the statutory responses to it in the United States, the United Kingdom, and some jurisdictions of Canada. Included are some requirements for […]

AREA OF LAW Landlord and Tenant Property Real Property
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