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The Uniform Sale of Goods Act, Final Report 38

This report evaluates the Uniform Sale of Goods Act and considers whether it should be recommended to the Government of Alberta for legislative adoption. It covers the evolution of the Ontario Report, its referral to the Uniform Law Conference, and addresses whether there exists a need to amend or repeal the Sale of Goods Act in Alberta. The report recommends that Alberta adopt the Uniform Sale of Goods Act since on the whole it would […]

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October 1, 1982

Service of Documents During Postal Interruptions, Final Report 34

Some statutes or statutory instruments provide for the service of a document by mail. This report addresses the issue of whether or not this purported service by mail is effective in the event of a mail strike. This report recommends that a provincial statute be enacted that will invalidate service by mail when the mail service is not in operation. In such a case the statute should allow a person to effect service personally or […]

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The Service of Documents During Postal Interruptions Act, SA 1980, c 88 (now Judicature Act, RSA 2000, c J-2, ss 43-47).

June 1, 1979