This report evaluates the Uniform Sale of Goods Act and considers whether it should be recommended to the Government of Alberta for legislative adoption. It covers the evolution of the Ontario Report, its referral to the Uniform Law Conference, and addresses whether there exists a need to amend or repeal the Sale of Goods Act in Alberta.

The report recommends that Alberta adopt the Uniform Sale of Goods Act since on the whole it would modernize and improve the law of Alberta relating to the sale and near sales of goods. The report also recommends that before the Act is adopted, changes be made in accordance with the recommendations in this report. Some recommendations include additional protection for the reliance interest, imposing minimum standards of contractual behaviour, asserting issue-orientated Rules at the expense of general conceptual Rules, modernizing and streamlining sale of goods law, salvaging bargains and preventing waste when the contractual process or contractual performance breaks down and statutory enunciation of unclear and unwritten law. Before the Act is introduced into the Alberta legislature, the Government of Alberta, by consultation with the governments of the other provinces and the territories, should be satisfied that the adoption of the Act will promote uniformity of law among the provinces and territories.