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Beneficiary Designation by Substitute Decision Makers, Final Report 104

The Alberta Law Reform Institute has released recommendations to ensure testamentary wishes are respected upon death. It has become common to use beneficiary designations as a simple way to pass on assets. Beneficiary designations are made with: Pension plans Insurance policies Retirement savings plans Retirement income funds Locked in retirement accounts Tax free savings accounts However, more of the population is aging and losing the capacity to decide who will receive the proceeds of these […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession
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July 1, 2014

Limitations Act – Standardizing Limitation Periods for Actions on Insurance Contracts, Final Report 90

Presently limitation periods for bringing actions against insurers for failing to honour insurance policies depends on the type of insurance. The Insurance Act contains statutory provisions that specifically set out limitation periods for certain types of insurance and requires other specific types of insurance policies to contain “Statutory Conditions” that prescribe their own limitation periods. Inconsistent limitation periods have caused confusion for both insured and for lawyers, and have resulted in a considerable amount of litigation over […]

AREA OF LAW Corporate and Commercial Limitation of Actions Procedure
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August 29, 2003

Standardizing Limitation Periods for Actions on Insurance Contracts

When the new Limitations Act came into force on March 1, 1999, a number of changes were made to the limitation law in Alberta. The limitation periods for actions on insurance contracts is in a state of confusion, several of the limitation periods that the Insurance Act prescribes are inconsistent with the general limitation periods in the Limitations Act. The scope of this project addresses issues which relate to rationalizing limitation periods for actions against insurers. The issues addressed and […]

AREA OF LAW Administration of Justice Corporate and Commercial Courts Limitation of Actions Procedure
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December 4, 2001

Towards Reform of the Law Relating to Cohabitation Outside Marriage, Final Report 53

This report addresses the position (at the time of its writing) of opposite-sex couples living together on a domestic basis without a legal marriage. Since these partnerships carry many of the same responsibilities as marriage partnerships, the report suggests that they be afforded similar (but not identical) protections under the law. Twenty-one recommendations are provided here, with the majority opinions falling roughly into the following categories: – Non-married opposite-sex cohabitants should have an official status, […]

AREA OF LAW Family Law Marriage & Divorce
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June 1, 1989