When the new Limitations Act came into force on March 1, 1999, a number of changes were made to the limitation law in Alberta. The limitation periods for actions on insurance contracts is in a state of confusion, several of the limitation periods that the Insurance Act prescribes are inconsistent with the general limitation periods in the Limitations Act. The scope of this project addresses issues which relate to rationalizing limitation periods for actions against insurers. The issues addressed and invited for comment are: Should the limitation periods for all insurance contracts be centralized in either the Limitations Act or the Insurance Act? Should the limitation periods for action on all types of insurance contracts be standardized? Assuming that the limitation periods should be standardized, should insurance contracts be subject to the limitation periods in the Limitations Act, or should they be subject to different limitation periods? When should the limitation period for actions against insurers commence? If the limitation periods for actions on insurance contracts should not be standardized, should either the Insurance Act or the Limitations Act be amended to enable insurance companies to contractually impose shorter limitation periods in insurance contracts?