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Defamation: Fair Comment and Letters to the Editor, Final Report 35

This report is concerned about the law as it has stood since the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Chernesky v Armadale Publishers Ltd. and King [1978]6 WWR 618. It reviews the existing law of defamation, fair comment, the media, and the effect of the Chernesky decision and proposes twos changes to existing legislation. The law laid down by the Cherneskey case places a publisher in greater jeopardy for publishing opinions of others, […]

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The Defamation Amendment Act, 1980, SA 1980, c 11 (now Defamation Act, RSA 2000, c D-7, s 9).

October 1, 1979

Survival of Actions and Fatal Accidents Act Amendment, Final Report 24

This report of produced after concern arose from the decision in the Crosby v O’Reilly case. A working paper was produced and a committee was appointed for the purpose of considering the specific question of whether the claim for damages for loss of expectation of life should be abolished and the broader question of the adoption of the Uniform Survival of Actions Act. This report examines the existing common law in Alberta, legislative change and […]

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Survival of Actions Act, SA 1978, c 35 (now RSA 2000, c S-27; Fatal Accidents Act, RSA 2000, c F-8, ss 5(2)(a), (b), 8; and Limitation of Actions Act, RSA 2000, c L-12, s 53).

April 1, 1977