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Criminal Trial Proceedings, Final Report 100

The process for conducting a criminal trial may be complicated by differing processes and rules in different locations. Part of the difficulty is attributable to a complex system of rule-making authority for criminal matters. Some provisions are prescribed by the Criminal Code while other processes may be set by the court in question. The Alberta Law Reform Institute identified three specific areas in which non-standardized matters were particularly problematic: Charter Issues “ The content of […]

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August 1, 2012

Proposals for a New Alberta Arbitration Act, Final Report 51

This report considers the Arbitration Act, RSA 1980, c A-43, as it was current to the publication of the report. The report considers two principal difficulties users had with the Act: the fact that it left many practical problems unsolved; and the “unduly broad” scope for discretionary intervention by the courts, which would frustrate the desire of many arbitrating parties to avoid litigation. The report presents a draft Act, patterned on the UNCITRAL Model Law […]

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Arbitration Act, SA 1991, c A-43.1 (now RSA 2000, c A-43).

October 1, 1988