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Corporate Directors’ Liability, Research Paper 17

This paper addresses the question of the standard of care required from the directors of corporations. At the time of publication, there were different commonlaw rules about Corporate Directors’ Liability in different jurisdictions: that in Alberta being that “a director is not expected to exhibit ‘a greater degree of skill than may [reasonably] be expected from a person of his [sic] knowledge and experience’”; that in Delaware being much higher, that in Indiana being lower; […]

AREA OF LAW Corporate and Commercial
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February 3, 1989

The Uniform Sale of Goods Act, Final Report 38

This report evaluates the Uniform Sale of Goods Act and considers whether it should be recommended to the Government of Alberta for legislative adoption. It covers the evolution of the Ontario Report, its referral to the Uniform Law Conference, and addresses whether there exists a need to amend or repeal the Sale of Goods Act in Alberta. The report recommends that Alberta adopt the Uniform Sale of Goods Act since on the whole it would […]

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October 1, 1982

Contributory Negligence and Concurrent Wrongdoers, Final Report 31

The Contributory negligence Act and the Tortfeasors Act are valuable pieces of law reform and have made fundamental improvements in tort law. However, there are some gaps in the Acts that give rise to problems of interpretation. This report examines the Acts in order to reconcile them, to clarify them, to fill in any gaps, and to consider whether or not their principles should be extended to cases not currently included within them. This report […]

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April 1, 1979