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Family Law Project – The Conclusion, Final Report 93

This report sets out the process by which ALRI has proposed rules for the revision of the Alberta Rules of Court. The Rules of Court Committee requested ALRI to review the Alberta Rules of Court. The ultimate goal of the project was to produce clear, more useable and more effective Rules. Other goals included increased fairness, timeliness, cost effectiveness and accessibility. Through extensive consultation, ALRI created a list of proposed Rules. They are arranged in […]

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June 29, 2004

Family Law v. 18.3–Child Support, Report for Discussion 18.3

This report was written to address five concerns about child support law at the time of its publication, viz.: the inadequacy of child support awarded; inconsistency of award between similar families; inefficiency in assessment; inequality based on “legitimacy” of birth; and unaddressed complexities based on the inter-relation between spousal support, custody of children, and child support. This report expounds recommendations for a new approach to child support, which is meant to foster equality for all […]

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October 2, 1998

Status of Children, Final Report 13

The law distinguishes between persons born in wedlock and persons born out of wedlock. The distinctions are to the disadvantage of persons born out of wedlock, and that disadvantage should be removed. Insofar as it is practicable and beneficial to do so, this report places places the child born out of wedlock in as good a legal position as the child born in wedlock. In order to give effect to the principle of equal treatment […]

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Substantially enacted, pursuant to the recommendations in Report 60 by the Family and Domestic Relations Statutes Amendment Acta, 1991, SA 1991, c 11 amending the Domestic Relations Act (now RSA 2000, c D-14, ss 50(1), 77-84); the Family Relief Act (now RSA 2000, c F-4, s 1(b)); and the Intestate Succession Act (now RSA 2000, c I-10, s 1(b)).

June 1, 1976

Illegitimacy, Research Paper 10

At the time of publication, there was legal differentiation within Alberta based on a child’s “legitimacy” or lack thereof; in other words, whether the child was “the offspring of [a] stable union” or not. This paper assesses the law relating to the determination of “legitimacy” (at the time of publication), the effect legitimacy had on one’s legal standing in various situations, and possible approaches to reform with an eye to reducing the distinction between “legitimate” […]

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June 4, 1974