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Reviewable Transactions, Final Report 108

The law of fraudulent preference and conveyances is outdated and still relies on the English Fraudulent Conveyances Act, 1571. The law in this area also lacks a clear policy foundation and needs to be clarified and modernised. In 2012, the Uniform Law Conference of Canada recommended new legislation to update this area of the law. The Alberta Law Reform Institute has reviewed the work of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada and recommends that Alberta adopt [...]

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A New Trustee Act for Alberta, Report 28

In 2012, the Uniform Law Conference of Canada published the Uniform Trustee Act and recommended it be adopted by the common law provinces. ALRI representatives participated in the creation of the Uniform Trustee Act. ALRI’s Report For Discussion #28, A New Trustee Act for Alberta, consists of recommendations for implementing the Uniform Trustee Act in Alberta. Using the Uniform Trustee Act as a starting point, ALRI has enhanced, tailored and clarified the Uniform Trustee Act to [...]

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Matrimonial Property Act: Valuation Date, Final Report 107

Currently, Alberta’s Matrimonial Property Act [MPA] requires matrimonial property to be valued at the date of trial. This is in direct opposition to many other matrimonial property statutes across Canada, which have opted to use the date of separation as the default valuation date. An Alberta case law review indicates that valuation date is one of the most problematic areas under the MPA, with valuation at trial reducing the chances of settlement and leading to [...]

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Competence and Communication in the Alberta Evidence Act, Report 27

On occasion, a court must determine whether a proposed witness is competent to give evidence. The question arises with child witnesses and may also arise for adults with cognitive impairment. Alberta legislation about competence has not kept pace with modern knowledge about children’s abilities, and fails to address adults with cognitive impairment. It also has a gap affecting witnesses who use alternative means of communication. This Report for Discussion contains preliminary recommendations for updating Alberta [...]

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Alberta Non-Profit Corporations: Getting Legislation that Helps

In April 2013, The Muttart Foundation hosted a consultation conference in Banff, Alberta. The Alberta Law Reform Institute had the opportunity to meet with more than thirty experts from Non-Profit sectors across Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom to exchange information and discuss the issues that Alberta Non-Profits face. This report summarizes the consultation and will be invaluable in guiding our recommendations in reforming the primary non-profit corporate legislation in Alberta, the Societies [...]

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Non-Profit Corporations, Report 26

Non-profit organisations are an integral part of our society, an increasing component of our economy, delivering a wide array of services including education, training, housing, food banks, health care and recreation. The current legislation is old and has not kept pace with the non-profit sector and the legislation should be updated to allow non-profits to accomplish their objectives; to clearly articulate the roles and responsibilities of directors and members, and to balance the requirements and [...]

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