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Personal Property Security Act, Report for Discussion 35

The Alberta Personal Property Security Act [PPSA] came into force in 1990 and produced a significant improvement in secured transactions in Alberta by removing many of the restrictions and limitations that prevented the use of secured credit. Since 1990, it has become clear that several areas of the law are in need of reform. Online banking and ecommerce as well ambiguities in the law contribute to the need for reform. The PPSA also did not […]

AREA OF LAW Corporate and Commercial
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December 2, 2020

Protection of Trade Secrets, Report for Discussion 1

There is presently no single body of law governing the circumstances under which trade secrets are legally protectable. The Criminal Code does not recognize theft of a trade secret as an offence. A person must therefore rely upon the law of contract or, in a case where there is no contract, equity. There are major problems with the current causes of action as far as they apply to protection of trade secrets. This report recommends […]

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February 2, 1984