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Enduring Powers of Attorney, Issues Paper 5

The Alberta Law Reform Institute is considering whether to prepare a report and recommendations for the adoption of additional safeguards against abuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney (“EPAs”). In order that its consideration may be properly informed, the Institute solicits the comments and advice of the reader on these two questions: Should the law provide additional safeguards against abuse of Enduring Powers of Attorney (“EPAs”)? If the law should provide additional safeguards, what should the […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession Family Law
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February 4, 2002

Enduring Powers of Attorney, Report for Discussion 7

This report addresses the desire by those who are contemplating their own possible mental incapacity to assign to someone power of attorney over their affairs. At the time of this report, at common law, a power of attorney would automatically terminate as soon as the donor of that power had become mentally incapable. As a result, many people who suffered mental incapacity would have a trustee assigned by a court to care for their affairs. […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession
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December 2, 1990

Sterilization Decisions: Minors and Mentally Incompetent Adults, Report for Discussion 6

This consultative document sets out the evolution of the present law, its apparent parameters, the social and medical background to sterilization decisions and tentatively recommends a new statutory regime that would better reflect the present day and foreseeable needs of Canadian citizens. This report recommends that the decision regarding sterilization be made by a judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench. Before making the order for sterilization the judge would be required to satisfy himself […]

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March 2, 1988