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Competence and Human Reproduction, Final Report 52

This report recommends the draft legislation Competence and Human Reproduction Act to create a decision-making process regarding sterilization for those not legally competent to make the decision themselves. The Act replaces the blanket prohibition of Re Eve with legislation that allows for a judgment based on the best interest of the individual and an empathy for her situation. The Institute concluded that no person should be denied access to sterilization because she is not competent […]

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February 1, 1989

Consent of Minors to Health Care, Final Report 19

The general rule is that medical treatment can be given only with the consent of the patient. The age of majority in Alberta is eighteen years, but as one moves to lower ages, sixteen, fifteen, and so on the uncertainty of consent increases. A physician dealing with a minor is left in doubt as to when the patient can give a binding consent. Legislation is required to specify definitely the circumstances in which a minor […]

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December 1, 1975