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Rules of Court Project, Final Report 95

This report sets out the process by which ALRI has proposed Rules for the revision of the Alberta Rules of Court. The Rules of Court Committee requested ALRI to review the Alberta Rules of Court. The ultimate goal of the project was to produce clear, more useable and more effective Rules. Other goals included increased fairness, timeliness, cost effectiveness and accessibility. Through extensive consultation, ALRI created a list of proposed Rules. They are arranged in […]

AREA OF LAW Administration of Justice Courts
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October 29, 2008

Judicature Act, Section 24, Final Report 13

This report examines section 24 of the Judicature Act, RSA 1970, c 193 and makes recommendations with regard to it. The section provides that certain actions shall not be brought or maintained unless permission has first been given by the lieutenant-governor-in-council. The history of section 24 is examined, including its legal effects, and practice relating to this section. The special protection which section 24(1) gives to Ministers of the Crown is not justified, and unless […]

AREA OF LAW Constitutional and Public Law
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The Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 1974 (No. 2), SA 1974, c 65, s 9 striking out s 24 of the Judicature Act, RSA 1970, c 193.

August 1, 1974