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The Domestic Relations Act (DRA) – Phase 1. Family Relationships: Obsolete Actions, Final Report 65

With the changes in attitude toward marriage and family that have occurred over past decades many provisions of the Domestic Relations Act have become outmoded. This report recommends the abolition of six obsolete matrimonial actions: restitution of conjugal rights, judicial separation, damages in tort for adultery, enticement or harbouring a spouse; damages in tort for harbouring of a child, damages in contract for breach of a promise of marriage, and jactitation of marriage. This report also recommends […]

AREA OF LAW Children Family Law Marriage & Divorce
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March 29, 1993

Limitations, Final Report 55

Limitation periods, as discussed in this report, dictate the amount of time in which one may bring a civil claim to court for some sort of relief. After the limitation period for a claim has passed, the defendant will be immune to liability for that claim. This report addresses the complex and technical nature of limitation law as it was at the time, and recommends a new Model Limitations Act. This Act covers most, but […]

AREA OF LAW Limitation of Actions Procedure
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Limitations Act, SA 1996, c L-15.1 (now RSA 2000, c L-12).

December 1, 1989


This report is to identify and to analyze the policy considerations upon which a limitations system should be based and to derive from that analysis a limitations system which will be as fair and as easily comprehensible as the subject matter permits. This report recommends that Alberta enact a completely new limitations statute, based on recommendations in this report the new Alberta Act will be fairer for all persons and simpler and more comprehensible. A draft Limitations Act is […]

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September 2, 1986