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Adverse Possession and Lasting Improvements to Wrong Land, Final Report 115

Adverse possession allows a person who has occupied another’s land for at least 10 years to potentially claim ownership of that land. The occupation must be exclusive, open, notorious and continuous. Adverse possession is commonly, but mistakenly, referred to as squatter’s rights. ALRI is recommending that the law of adverse possession be abolished in Alberta. This change would prevent new claims from being brought in the future, but would not affect claims that have been […]

AREA OF LAW Limitation of Actions Property Real Property
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May 28, 2020

Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of Land: Purchasers’ Remedies, Final Report 97

Under the present law of Alberta, specific performance of a contract for the sale and purchase of land will not be granted to the purchaser under the contract unless the land is unique in the sense that no substitute is readily available. In 1996, the Supreme Court of Canada, in Semelhago v Paramadevan, said that it is no longer the case that every piece of real estate is unique and that it therefore cannot be assumed […]

AREA OF LAW Corporate and Commercial Property Real Property
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October 29, 2009

Limitations Act – Adverse Possession and Lasting Improvements, Final Report 89

This report considers the effect of the Limitations Act on the areas of adverse possession and lasting improvements under the Law of Property Act. In considering how best to resolve disputes regarding the ownership and use of land, this report looks to the objectives of protecting future ownership of land, ensuring land’s transferability, and preventing the revival of stale claims. Recommendations to avoid the effect of claims being postponed by a continuing course of conduct include to subject […]

AREA OF LAW Limitation of Actions Procedure Property Real Property
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May 29, 2003

Order of Application of Assets in Satisfaction of Debts and Liabilities, Report for Discussion 19

This report considers the payment of a person’s debts out of their estate after their death (at the time of publication). Over hundreds of years, a common law “order of application” had developed, that determined the order in which certain kinds of assets could be applied to pay off a debt, so that, for example, assets that were not given over as a gift to someone would be applied to pay off debts before those […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession Constitutional and Public Law
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September 2, 2001