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Assisted Reproduction After Death: Parentage and Implications, Final Report 106

The idea of recognising parentage and inheritance rights for children born after the death of one of their genetic parents has been part of the common law for centuries. However, these provisions have only applied to children en ventre sa mère. In other words, parentage and inheritance rights are bestowed upon those children who are in utero at the time of a parent’s death, provided they are subsequently born alive. Advancements in reproductive technology mean […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession
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March 1, 2015

Succession and Posthumously Conceived Children, Report for Discussion 23

This report discusses the position of posthumously conceived children under the law of succession in Alberta and outlines some possible options for reform. It is unlikely that parentage can be established for posthumously conceived children under Alberta`s Family Law Act, and therefore the link for inheritance purposes is missing. Even if parentage could be established, the fact that reproduction occurs sometime after the death of one of the parents brings in other factors affecting whether and […]

AREA OF LAW Wills and Succession Children Family Law
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February 2, 2012