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Guest Passenger Legislation, Final Report 32

Neither the common law nor statute law has taken a consistent approach to the guest or gratuitous passenger. This report presents arguments in favour of the guest passenger legislation and arguments in favour of repealing the guest passenger legislation. The report notes that today a large number of guest passengers do not get “something for nothing” and that the probability of reciprocal benefit makes it fair to impose liability on the driver for his or […]

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Proclamation 5 July 1979 of previously enacted The Alberta Insurance Amendment Act, 1977, SA 1977, c 76, s 6 (now Insurance Act, RSA 2000, c I-3, s 310) (This is not the principal recommendation of the Report). Gratuitous Passengers and Interspousal Tort Immunity Statutes Amendment Act, SA 1990, c 22, s 1 amending the Highway Traffic Act (now RSA 2000, c H-8).

April 2, 1979