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Abolition of Perpetuities Law, Final Report 110

The rule against perpetuities is an ancient and complex set of legal rules designed to prevent people from indefinitely tying up land and assets via successive contingent interests of title so that future generations cannot sell, mortgage or enjoy full use of the property. In 1972, Alberta reformed the worst excesses of the rule against perpetuities in our current Perpetuities Act, seeking a reasonable balance between competing interests. Following public consultation, the Alberta Law Reform […]

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March 1, 2017

Section 195 of the Land Titles Act, Final Report 63

This report recommends that section 195 of the Land Titles Act be amended so that purchasers may rely on the Land Titles Office register. The amended section should make it clear that actual or constructive notice of an off-register interest does not affect a non-fraudulent purchaser who acquires an interest from the registered or caveated owner of the interest. This report contains a draft of an amended section 195. Section 195 protects the purchaser against finding that […]

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February 1, 1993

Towards a New Alberta Land Titles Act, Report for Discussion 8

Section 42 of the Alberta Business Corporations Act (as it was at the time of the writing of this report) made it illegal for a corporation to provide financial assistance to: – a shareholder or director of that corporation or an affiliated corporation; – an associate of any or the above; or – a purchaser of shares of that corporation or an affiliated corporation if that corporation was not “solvent” as defined by the ABCA. The […]

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August 2, 1990

Compensation for Security Interests in Expropriated Land, Final Report 41

This report considers different approaches to compensation for expropriated land which is subject to one or more security interests, especially mortgages. Current to the publication of the report (May 1984), compensation in these cases was regulated by s 49 of the Expropriation Act, RSA 1980, c E-16. This compensation was based on the “market value” theory, under which the security holder was paid market value of the security interest attached to the land, and the […]

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May 1, 1984