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The Matrimonial Home, Report for Discussion 14

This report discusses potential changes to the Dower Act and the Matrimonial Property Act. The Dower Act was created with the intent of supporting widows after the death of their husbands, by providing them with ownership, for the remainder of their lives, of the matrimonial home. This report investigates ways in which that intended support can be continued, given modern complexities. The report also considers situations in which, after a divorce or separation, a spouse can obtain occupation of the […]

AREA OF LAW Family Law Marriage & Divorce
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March 2, 1995

Common Promisor and Promisee: Conveyances with a Common Party, Final Report 11

Covenants have to do with contracts generally, whereas conveyances have to do with the grant of an interest in real or personal property. This report attends to the validity of joint covenants in which there is a common promissor and promissee; for example, covenants by A with A and B jointly or by A and B with A, B and C jointly. It also addresses the validity of conveyances in which there is a common […]

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Common Parties Contracts and Conveyances Act, SA 1974, c 20 (now Law of Property Act, RSA 2000, c L- 7, ss 10-13; Land Titles Act, RSA 2000, c L-4, ss 68, 69, 119).

October 1, 1972