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Report on Liens, Report for Discussion 13

A lien is an interest in property, similar to a security interest, which enables a creditor to retain (usually) or seize (occasionally) property belonging to a debtor. The rules governing liens in Alberta (at the time of publication) were widely varied, and controlled by a number of different statutes. This report suggests the creation of a unified Liens Act which would resolve problems such as the registration of liens, the priority of different interests on […]

AREA OF LAW Constitutional and Public Law Corporate and Commercial
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September 2, 1992

Prejudgment Remedies for Unsecured Claimants, Final Report 50

This report is first in a series of final reports on the general topic of remedies of unsecured creditors. The report contains detailed recommendations for a legislative solution regarding the inadequacies identified in the available prejudgment remedies for unsecured claimants in Alberta. It details a variety of prejudgment remedies that currently exist and identifies as a problem the absence of any unifying principle in their application. There is discussion of the Mareva injunction, which has […]

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Civil Enforcement Act, SA 1994, c C-10.5 (now RSA 2000, c C-15).

February 1, 1988