This memorandum addresses the procedural Rules governing motions and applications; the evidentiary Rules concerning motions and applications; the Rules governing variation, setting aside and correction of orders and judgments; and the Rules dealing with entry of orders and judgments. The Committee does not propose any changes to the materials to be filed for General Chambers or to the time limits that determine whether a motion is to be heard in General Chambers or Special Chambers. However, the Committee recommends that all provisions concerning telephone applications be contained in the Rules. Several of the Committee’s proposals aim to make telephone applications more widely available, while rejecting proposals to extend fax filing to lawyers resident at a judicial centre and to allow service of unfiled affidavits in any circumstances. The Committee proposes to streamline and clarify Rules concerning oral examination of witnesses before the hearing of a motion and at the motion. Rather than having many different Rules for variation, setting aside and discharge of orders and judgments scattered throughout the Rules, the Committee proposes the adoption of a single general rule to deal with this area. To expedite the preparation and approval of draft orders and judgments, the Committee proposes the adoption of a default entry system with specified time limits. It is proposed to delete various Rules that are unnecessary, self-evident, obsolete or superfluous.