This report aims to amend Alberta’s outdated Surrogate Rules, which govern the procedure for the administration of an estate. A complicated, detailed endeavour, it was completed in partnership with the Surrogate Rules Committee, and focused solely on the procedural statutory provisions involved. Substantive provisions are examined in another project now underway. Some recommendations are: That one court have carriage of all applications dealing with the administration of a given estate so that courtroom efficiency is maximized and applicants are not presenting and repeating information to two different courts. Also, that foreclosure proceedings, when an estate is involved, be overseen by the Surrogate Court rather than in Masters Chambers. Third, that statutes be added so that actions can be transferred easily between the courts easily. The new system is designed to be driven by the personal representative with court intervention occurring only when necessary. Additionally, the forms required for probate have been overhauled. They are comprehensible, visually pleasing, and proceed in a logical flow.