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Alberta Law Reform Institute

The Alberta Law Reform Institute is the official law reform agency for the province of Alberta. It provides independent comprehensive advice to the Government of Alberta and other agencies to ensure that the law and administration of justice are kept up to date and serve Albertans to the best extent possible.

Dedicated to advancing just and effective laws through independent legal research, consultation and analysis.

Latest News

  • ALRI publishes Report for Discussion 26 – Non-Profit Corporations

    The Alberta Law Reform Institute has just published Report for Discussion 26 – Non-Profit Corporations. Non-profit organisations are an integral part of our society, an increasing component of our economy, delivering a wide array of services including education, training, housing, food banks, health care and recreation.

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  • Participate in our Matrimonial Property Survey

    The Alberta Law Reform Institute published Report for Discussion - Matrimonial Property Act: Valuation Date in November 2014.In conjunction with the report, ALRI is currently holding online consultations on the topic of the valuation date for matrimonial property.

    Individuals who would like to participate in our survey can do so at report can be downloaded from our website here