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Dispute Resolution: A Directory of Methods, Projects and Resources, Research Paper 19

This paper was written in order to investigate improvements in the law and the administration of justice, and also as a response to the increased public interest in alternate dispute resolution (at the time of publication). The paper itself is a survey of: the nature of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) movement; possible ADR methods; and various ADR projects and resources. This report does not come to any specific conclusions about alternative dispute resolution, but […]

AREA OF LAW Administration of Justice Alternate Dispute Resolution
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July 3, 1990

Family Law Administration: Court Services, Final Report 26

This report recommends that court services outlined in this report, if acceptable, be given effect to without waiting for the establishment of a unified family court so that they can serve the people of Alberta and so that they can be adapted to the structure of a unified family court when that structure is decided upon and the court established. This report is concerned primarily with the social and legal services which have been developed […]

AREA OF LAW Administration of Justice Courts
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Some recommendations carried out by administrative action.

April 2, 1978