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Business Names Legislation

This paper considers the desirability and design of provincial legislation that pursues the regulation of business names and business name disclosure. Business name regulation is for the purpose of limiting the scope for confusion caused by the use of similar names. Business name disclosure requires that firms that use a business name disclose certain information about themselves to the public. This paper discusses the two objectives of business names legislation and then describes the general […]

AREA OF LAW Corporate and Commercial
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December 4, 1996

Proposals for a New Alberta Incorporated Associations Act, Final Report 49

This report makes recommendations for the enactment of a new Incorporated Associations Act, which would repeal both the Companies Act and the Societies Act and apply only to true non-profit associations. The Act would not replace some specialized statutes such as the Cemetery Companies Act, the Co-operative Associations Act, and the Agricultural Societies Act and would not apply to non-profit corporations incorporated by the Legislature under special individual Acts. Many parts of the draft Act […]

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Bill 54 (Volunteer Incorporations Act) introduced into Alberta Legislature, June 15, 1987.

March 1, 1987