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Minors’ Contracts, Final Report 14

The common law governs minors’ contracts in Alberta and elsewhere in Canada outside of Quebec. The Legislatures have intervened only sporadically and have dealt only with matters of detail. This report recommends that the attached draft Act be enacted. The law needs to give to minors some protection from liability on their contracts and allow the courts broad discretionary power to do justice in cases of unconscionable contracts. The law should interfere with contracts only […]

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January 1, 1975

Age of Majority, Final Report 4

On April 15th, 1969, the following motion was proposed in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Alberta: “Whereas great changes are taking place in the lives of young people. Now therefore this Legislative Assembly request the government to give consideration to-enacting a Youth Act which will set the age of 19 as the age of majority and set out the basis for the contractual liability of young adults.” Although the motion was defeated, the […]

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Age of Majority Act, SA 1971, c 1 (now RSA 2000, c A-6).

January 1, 1970