This report sets out the process by which ALRI has proposed Rules for the revision of the Alberta Rules of Court. The Rules of Court Committee requested ALRI to review the Alberta Rules of Court. The ultimate goal of the project was to produce clear, more useable and more effective Rules. Other goals included increased fairness, timeliness, cost effectiveness and accessibility. Through extensive consultation, ALRI created a list of proposed Rules. They are arranged in a logical chronological order that reflects the progress of a lawsuit – fundamental premises are at the beginning and technical Rules appear at the end. Individual Rules are numbered, and Rules within each part numbered. ALRI also proposed a legislative framework to promulgate the proposed Rules. This framework is intended to establish a clear basis for the enactment, implementation and maintenance of these Rules. ALRI also recognized that consequential legislative amendments will be necessary if the Rules are adopted. ALRI will undertake a report to the Department of Justice in which it will identify the necessary changes and propose a composite protocol for them.